"I have known Audra for years and when it came to me preparing for auditions, I immediately knew Audra was the person to go to for help. What I love most about Audra is her passion and enthusiasm for the performing arts industry which greatly comes across in her teaching. She was incredibly inspiring when working on my pieces, helping me to add a new and creative energy into them whilst also suggesting new material for me to explore. Audra has always pushed me outside of my comfort zone, allowing me to develop  my skills in character development, vocal techniques and confidence. Her infectious, positive energy meant that I always left her sessions with a smile and a sense of determination to succeed in my auditions. Thank you so much Audra for your continued support through my audition process!" 

Harriet Godfrey (Mountview College London)


"I first met Audra when I was about 6 and she has always had such a positive attitude towards performing arts, always wanting her students to succeed. Throughout my life she has always been there to help me with confidence and several things to do with performing arts. When it came to monologues I was so nervous due to not being very confident as well as struggling to adapt and create a character. Going to Audra was the best thing I done throughout my audition preparations as she was so helpful and I came out of every session feeling positive, even if I hated Shakespeare! Within sessions I would find myself laughing the whole way through!!! Thank you so much for everything you've done for me, I appreciate it a lot!!!" 


Mia Wilson (Millennium Performing Arts) 


"Audra Mitcheson is the woman to see! I had lessons with Aud for about a year before going away to Bird College. Her bubbly and welcoming personality puts you at ease with things that may seem so far out of your comfort zone. I lacked a lot of confidence with many things and Audra helped me face them, especially with my monologues! -I even dreaded the thought of being asked to act out a washing machine one day, but now..that's not a problem for me. The lessons Audra provides are skills you can take on with you for life in the arts. I carry a mini Audra on my shoulder for every singing and acting lesson I have. She's an amazing woman and we always still like to keep in contact with how we're both doing. 

You won't find anyone else like her, she's a gem!" 

Tasmin Moreing (Bird College)


"I left my son Barnaby in the very capable hands of the fabulous and extra-ordinarily talented Audra. 

Audra has a sense of wonder and inspiration that supports all the young people that she works with find their ‘true voice’. 

This is a gift. 

Her passion and enthusiasm is contagious; she sings like a bird, with strength and control; she directs with grace and kindness; with excitement - her passion and commitment is second to none. Barnaby went on to study for a Performing Arts degree and has flourished into a remarkable young man.  The hidden values in working collaboratively on a creative project are vital; they grow human beings into valuable citizens of the world. And under the umbrella and creative guidance of Audra (and her team) you will see your little people shine; rise up like a phoenix.

I ask you all to encourage your young people to work alongside Audra and explore ‘the performance’ that is waiting in them; to dance, sing, shout, move, waltz, laugh, cry, engage, make music – this leads to poise, confidence, awareness of others, team work, overcoming obstacles, pacing, sharing, dignity, composure.

Be there – it is also cool and incredibly good fun."


Belinda Harris-Reid


"Audra is a one in a million teacher! She taught me for 4years and I learnt an awful lot from her. She's so creative and a cracking director! She really prepares you properly using different methods through popular drama practitioners, ie Stanislavsky and Brecht etc. Her knowledge and passion for the business is second to none and she passed that passion on to me and I can't thank her enough for that! Her dedication to the arts is wonderful and she really brings the best out of you! Not only is she a fabulous drama/actress but a wonderful dance teacher, a beautiful singing teacher and a hilarious writer. There is no end to her talents! She sets up a safe and fun environment for you to work in. She constantly inspires me and supports me, even now! She loves what she does and I love her for it! Not enough teachers like Audra in this world and I feel honoured and privileged to have been taught by her. 

Cheers Audra!!"

Richard J Hunt - Mountview Academy Graduate 


"I will always be thankful"

"Having one to one lessons with Audra not only helped improve my acting skills, but gave me confidence in my own ability and also a greater love for drama.


Her enthusiasm and energy when teaching me was second to none, giving me the inspiration to try different things outside of my comfort zone and allowed me to feel totally comfortable in her lessons. Likewise, her vocal coaching completely changed how I approached my audition songs for musical theatre colleges and she taught me how to believe in myself. Her lessons were always so fun, and I would ALWAYS come out smiling and feeling more confident about my upcoming auditions.


Audra also presented me with alternative monologues such as Shakespeare work, compared to my more contemporary pieces that I had worked with, developing my range of acting skills and giving me the tools enabling me to attempt a variety of monologues, differing in style and period. I will always be thankful for those lessons with Audra and the confidence she managed to draw out of me."

Georgina Hare (1st year Diploma student at The Urdang Academy)



"Having Audra tutor me to prepare for my college auditions was so helpful! Audra helped me with my drama monologues and contributed ideas towards staging and gestures, character development, voice altering and facial expressions! It improved my work and confidence so much and made me think of ideas in depth that I wouldn't have thought of before! Audra was great with vocal lessons too. She helped me extend my vocal range and use my diaphragm to project my notes that I struggle to hit.  She suggested all sorts of fantastic and challenging audition pieces. Audra set me extra research every week to look into all sorts of musicals, famous performers, and important directors. It generally gave me a greater understanding of the performing arts industry and important names that I will need to know in the future. Audra is a fantastic teacher who can make you work hard, but also has a bubbly personality! The main thing that Audra helped me with was my confidence and how to prepare myself for an audition! I wouldn't have been able to get into college without her help and I had so much fun having her as a teacher!"

Callum Elson 17 (Bird college)


I was invited to take part in Snieguole Wood's training camp in Torquay and when I saw that our schedule included the 3 things I hated most in my life so far; Ballet, Contemporary, and worst of all Drama, I was livid. However Audra totally changed my perspective on all three, mainly through unearned praise, and her sessions became the reason I wanted to come back next time. She was incredibly enthusiastic, and made sure we did things that everyone liked, even a bit of Commercial... At the end of it all she made me appreciate other types of dance and made me realize how I can apply them to my Ballroom... 

Will Duffin (British Youth Top 15 10-Dancer) 


"I was so lucky to have Audra as my acting teacher at Stagecoach. From the very first day I knew I was learning from the funniest acting teacher n the world. Audra really knows how to set such a friendly, safe environment so the magic of acting can happen. She gave me great encouragement whilst delivering notes that helped me grow as an actor. Audra is a fantastic director who makes people realize their full potential in no time. She loves to teach, and loves her students. Without her I would never have discovered my passion for acting, nor had the confidence, determination and skills for drama school auditions. Thank you Audra!!!"

Max Abraham (3 Year MT Diploma Course at PPA)


"Crazy Aud" was my drama teacher at Torquay Stagecoach for 7 years. I was at the school for 6 years before I moved to Spain and when I returned to the UK I went straight back again.


Audra makes drama fun! She's makes wanting to pursue a career in performing possible. She supports you to be the best you can be and pushes you to be better you already are. All of her classes are different and interesting. You can always learn something new! Whether it's accents or improvisation, working on a play or just building technique. One of the best things about Audra is she creates her own plays, puts a special "Audra twist" on to original productions making the more enjoyable than ever. With Audra there are no favourites, she loves all of her students equally and everyone gets a fair shot at everything. She makes sure her students collaborate and help each other which shine out in all of her performances as you can see the TEAM within them. 

I'm now too old to go to a Saturday Theatre school, but every time I see Aud she welcomes me with open arms and never fails to put my mind at ease by being there to support, tutor or push me in any way she can to follow my dreams! I know that even though I'm no longer her student, she will always be there to guide me along the right paths! 


Harriet – Torquay


"Her passion and enthusiasm is like no other"

"You will never find anyone who loves acting and singing as much as Audra. Her passion and enthusiasm is like no other. Audra always brings out the best in you, no matter whether you feel you can get there or not she will get you there. Audra also always make sure the material (songs and monologues) you are given is suited to you in the best possible way.


I have never seen a folder that is so full of songs in my life, she has all the songs and monologues there are under the sun. Audra helped me come out of my shell and made me believe in myself. My confidence has improved massively. Before I meet Audra I did not sing, let alone act in front of anyone but she turned that around and even gave me the confidence to audition. No matter what mood I went into my lesson in I would always come out smiling and laughing.


Audra gave me amazing top tip sheets for auditions to say what I should do and what auditions are like. These helped me a lot. Audra also did little interviews with me so I would know what to expect. Audra’s knowledge about college is amazing. She will say where see thinks you are best suited and tell you all the things they do there. She also gives you advice on whether you should audience for a musical theatre course or an acting course.


Audra will never let you go to an audition without being ready. Audra will always make sure you know your material inside out and back to front. She will also tell you the background information you need to know about your chosen pieces. Audra is a great teacher and has a massive love for acting and singing. If you don’t get taught by her you’re definitely missing out."

Melissa Watson ~ Evolution Foundation College

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